Templates for presentations


During this virtual conference you are required to display a prerecorded video highlighting your work results. (Videos are required for both oral and poster presentations)

Deadline for video submission: October 18, 2021

Oral Presentations

Oral presenters will be given 20 minutes for their participation. A maximum of 15 minutes will be allocated for video presentation to allow a 5-minute follow-up Question & Answer (Q&A) period.

Time slots will be designated and communicated by email to participants once all abstract acceptance notifications are sent.

Pre-Recorded Video Length: 15 minutes maximum.

Poster presentation

The posters submitted and accepted for presentation will be made available to view during the period of the Conference at the virtual poster exhibition room.

Poster format: posters should be saved as 1-page PDF document, horizontally oriented. The graphics embedded are recommended to have a resolution higher than 200 dpi.

Pre-Recorded Video Length: 5 minutes maximum.

  • We strongly recommend using our Power Point template available for download
    The distribution format is an example, you can display the information at your convenience.
    Not all fields apply to all participants.
    presentation template
    poster template
  • Please follow these tips and guidelines prior to recording your video presentation.
  • (Optional) Add closed captions or subtitles to media in PowerPoint.
    closed captions
  • Copyright Letter.
    copy right letter
  • Name your video presentation accordingly:

The submission will be made via the event platform (You will receive the link in a few days)

NOTE: 18WLC does not accept updated video files. If the video exceeds the time limit it will be trimmed.
Please review your video before submitting.

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